Immersive Virtual Events

Smoothly transform traditional offline events into immersive online experiences that increase attendees’ learning, sharing, and networking experiences in a low-tech, cost-effective, and sustainable way.

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A complete experience

Attending a virtual event is so much more than attending a video call or viewing a Livestream!

The infinite learning, sharing, and networking opportunities are core elements of attending any event. This is why we provide attendees with the flexibility to star their favorite sessions and customize their own program, to easily share questions, comments, and polls, and to engage in private one-to-one meetings or to join a social gathering.

Smooth customized onboarding

iChair’s virtual experience starts with your branded platform. When participants login through your customized login page and arrive at your event branded platform, we want them to feel the excitement and energy of walking into an event venue, to feel welcomed and guided throughout the event, to quickly grasp the entire program and learning opportunities, and to easily start connecting with other attendees.

Interactive sessions

The difference between an offline session and an online session is so much more than the delivery mode. We help you create interactive sessions with multiple social features like polling, Q&A, and a visible list of attendees for easy networking. With iChair, you can plug & play any video streaming platform of your preference, or use our own private server for high-quality and bullet-proof private, immersive virtual sessions.

Effective networking

At every moment of the virtual event, iChair provides attendees with multiple networking moments. Whether mingling in a break-out room, posting on the activity stream, or inviting an attendee for a one-to-one meeting – networking is always one click away.

Your content, amplified

With iChair, you simply integrate your content and the result is an event platform built around your content in a way that it is incredibly easy and intuitive for attendees to navigate and to engage.

Easy to build, easy to manage

Not sure of where to start? No problem! Building an event on iChair is a 3-step-process through which Chair Bot guides you to, first, Customize the event, second, Upload your attendee list, and, third, Describe the tracks and sessions.

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