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The virtual Reeperbahn Festival on iChair gets awarded

iChair helps its clients to shine: The Reeperbahn Festival won the GERMAN SILVER MULTI-MEDIA AWARD 2021. 2 days, 3 continents, 4 time zones.

The Annual Multimedia Award provides an overview of the digital advertising year, documents the state of the art, and filters out pioneering works. It provides answers to questions about current standards, possibilities, and future perspectives of digital brand communication. Silver is awarded to works which, after the addition of all criteria, are very good, above-average examples of the State of the Art. We are proud that the close work of iChair and the Reeperbahn Festival hast been awarded to be such extraordinary work.


The Reeperbahn Festival international is the European platform for the pop culture and was hosted virtually this year using iChair. With performances on all continents, it connects the music industry internationally. Due to Covid-19 this year, it was hosted as a hybrid event with 40 delegates who met on-site in Berlin and experienced the program of keynotes, panels, company visits, matchmakings, singer-songwriter contest, and showcase live music on the specially developed digital platform together with 160 digital participants from the USA and China. It, therefore, was awarded in the category “Events on the Internet”. We are happy to have been part of this interesting journey to mediate culture over a totally new channel. 

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