What is virtual conferencing

iChair provides virtual conferencing, but what is that exactly?

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What is virtual conferencing?

Virtual conferences provide a cost-effective, cheap, and time-saving alternative to the usual well-known face-to-face conferences. Participants around the world can dial into virtual conference rooms using the internet and their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Here, they have the opportunity to take on the role of participants as well as the role of presenters. Participants have the opportunity, to join the conference in different modes: Webinar, Virtual Reality, and Multi-hub. Depending on the mode, they can communicate with other participants, listen to presentations, exchange information in panel discussions and give presentations themselves.

What is virtual conferencing?
How does virtual conferencing work?

How does virtual conferencing work?

Well, the first and most important thing to mention is that participants use the internet to present, communicate, listen and interact within the online conference room. Imagine it like giving a webinar, the audience being online. It won’t be the same as meeting your colleagues, but you can still take their questions and they have the opportunity to post questions and comments. A facilitator chairs the session, just like at a normal conference.

Imagine it like an online gallery in which you can join multiple rooms, plenaries, or workshops that are livestreamed. You will find a discussion board, a repository for recordings of sessions you missed and the materials presenters would like to share – and sometimes fun socializing features like a chatroulette!

Virtual conferencing modes

Does it need to be fully virtual? Absolutely not!

Fine tune your conference experience with different participation modes.

Webinar Mode

Webinar mode

In this mode, participants connect through the online conferencing platform. Here, participants can join sessions, listen to speakers and also interact with other participants. All participants are linked from external locations by a central virtual conference network. The key advantage of this mode is accessibility and convenience: it allows everyone to participate and reduces the need to travel.

Virtual reality mode

Virtual reality mode

The virtual reality mode is very similar to the normal webinar mode. Participants are also linked to a central online conference platform. The difference here is that participants wear so-called ‘goggles’. These enable participants to dive into a 3D world. Each participant is represented as an avatar, where he or she can change conference rooms or interact with others.

Multi-hub Mode

Multi-hub mode

The multi-hub mode allows for large participant groups to meet at national hubs and enjoy the traditional conference experience while other participants can attend from regional locations (e.g. home, or work). Furthermore, the model creates hubs in similar time zones while reducing travel costs and increases connectivity between participants.

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