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Program creator, invitation system, repository and video rooms. All-in-one platform.

From program creation, event moderation, to video conferencing, iChair is a one-stop-solution to host any kind of event, which makes them more sustainable, inclusive and also budget friendly.

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Host your conference, workshop or summer school virtually


1 ichair how it works setup program and invitation

Setup program and invite participants

Whether you want to host a conference, workshop or summer school, you first design the program. Afterwards you create the event and invite participants directly via email or using a token for a dedicated registration page. You can also add track chairs, change the language, and add video rooms. You receive a manual that makes this process easy as pie.


Hosting the event

When hosting the event, most things run automatically: Participants sign up and join the video rooms for their sessions; track chairs are moderating the sessions and (if wanted) record them; participants get to engage in virtual networking sessions and a dedicated conference forum.

2 ichair how it works host event virtually


3 ichair how it works continued impact

Continued access

You can upload all papers, provide the links to all recorded sessions and continue to engage for one year (and longer if you want to). In that way, your event can have a sustained impact.

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Selected organizations trusting iChair is for all kinds of events

Tailor-made programs for all your needs

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No matter if you have a small or a large conference with several tracks – a program builder, a direct invitation system and easy video conferencing functionality without installing plugins or software help you to create a smooth virtual conference experience.

ichair_virtual workshops

Workshops can also be easily used to host small workshops. We provide free licenses for workshops up to 50 participants, including video rooms and intuitive setup manuals.

ichair_virtual summer schools

Summer schools

No need to reschedule your summer school. Go virtual with iChair and benefit from a great scheduling environment, a central hub for documentation and easy communication among participants. works with all leading video conferencing services

Simply create a URL and add it to the program. works with zoom, hangouts, colibri, whereby and many more.

whereby and ichair
zoom and
hangout with ichair

Support for virtual conferences

Benefit from our experience from other virtual events

ichair_consulting_business model

Business model & financials

We help you develop your business model or financial model for the virtual conference, catered to your needs and building on best practices.

ichair_consulting_content delivery

Content delivery

Virtual events are fundamentally different in its delivery. We help you to create and modify content and apply innovative tools to engage your audience.



We help you to protect the privacy of your participants and help you to cater your program to the individual needs of your audience.

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