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The virtual plaza for all your events

iChair is an online events platform where you can easily create and manage engaging and immersive online event experiences.

Engaging and immersive online events

iChair is a virtual plaza with multiple interactive areas that are optimized for discussing, connecting, and engaging.

By leveraging the different presenting, sponsoring, and networking features, iChair is empowering Speakers to be more confident and comfortable, Sponsors to be more visible and engaged, and Attendees to be more active and connected. The result? The most interactive and streamlined online event you have ever hosted.

  • Host events of any type or size
  • Use our internal video and streaming solutions or plug-in your own solutions
  • Easily on-onboard everyone
  • Analyze data from your event
Trusted by leading organizations
SIGS Datacom

All-in-one online event platform

Knowing that every event is unique, iChair is empowering Hosts to achieve the same goals of their traditional offline events and to set new goals by jumping into the digital world with a scalable and customizable event platform.
  • Host global live events
  • Improve sponsors’ ROI with customizable 3D virtual booths and analytics
  • Allow attendees to find each other, connect on social media, and engage in private 1-to-1 meetings
  • Leverage our networking tools to boost event-wide engagement
Trusted by leading organizations
Canceropole GSO
Bayerisches Laserzentrum GmbH (blz)

Build your next online event in minutes

Leverage our helpful integrations to streamline online event creation and management.
Available integrations
HubSpot Integration
ConfTool Integration
YouTube Integration
Vimeo Integration
SwitcherStudio Integration

Ways to use iChair

Create awesome event experiences that meet the needs and expectations of your stakeholders.

Summits & Forums

Provide high quality speaker and attendee experiences, while offering premium exhibition spaces for sponsors and partners.


Teach a lesson and breakout into groups. Come back to another lesson, followed by one-on-one meetings.

Online Courses

Design a blended or fully online learning course and foster student-to-student and student-to-professors/speaker connections.


Improve the engagement of webinars and traditionally one-to-many format sessions with our engagement and networking tools.

Fairs & Trade Shows

Build a virtual exhibition hall with a floor of highly interactive 3D virtual booths that are fully customizable.

Networking Events

Easily connect people online through a matchmaking algorithm, private messaging, and 1-to-1 video meetings.


Blend plenary sessions and discussion panels, with paper sessions and roundtables.

Cultural Events

Venture into the online space by blending high quality audio and video streaming with workshop and meeting rooms.

Hybrid Events

Join a on-site community with an online community through embedded streaming and a customizable native IOS/Android App.

Why event organizers trust iChair?

Euroheat & Power
University of Durham Naturvation

In only 3 weeks, we managed to “move” from the physical to the virtual world in a wonderful and impressive way. The format and style was very successful, and keynotes and lectures were also very attractive, as confirmed and rewarded by a high number of participants. Great teamwork and support!

University of Vermont

Participants especially appreciated the opportunity to self-organize and choose their breakout sessions, while still being part of the same online space. This made a huge difference and the action part of our Summit (the most important part) would not be possible without it.

Association Internationale de Management Strategique

Thank you to the whole iChair team! Sincerely. The online conference went very well. The experience was very stimulating for the participants, incredibly rich in terms of exchanges and intellectual debate, and also opened up exciting new perspectives for the AIMS as a scientific association.

Create your next online event today

iChair is your virtual plaza for creating and managing engaging and immersive online event experiences